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Seaweed Industry Association of the Philippines

Board of Directors and Officers

Board of Directors and Officers
SIAP Members
About Seaweeds
Seaweed Farming Techniques

Mr. Ismael Abubakar - Chairman, Member
Mr. Benson U. Dakay - President, Member
Mr. Maximo Ricohermoso - Vice President, Member
Mr. Jose Sembrano - Secretary, Member
Mr. Benjamin Escolano - Treasurer, Member
Hadji Adam Omar - Board Member
Mr. Marcial Solante Jr. - Board Member
Mr. Expedito Dublin - Board Member
Mr. Vicente Wee - Board Member
Mr. Antonio Yuri Yap - Secretary General
Ms. Sandra S.J. Gozun - DTI Representative (
Ms. Salvacion Ferrer - BFAR Representative (

The SIAP Organizational Chart

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